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Qudurat and Tahsili Tutor



Saudi Arabia
Posted on Thursday, July 4, 2024
AlGooru is hunting for the next generation of Tutor Community talents!

We're looking for a Qudurat/GAT/Tahsili/SAAT Tutor

About The Job

Who Are We ❓

AlGooru is a Saudi-based learning platform that offers 1-on-1 private tutoring services in a variety of academic and recreational subjects. It is the first licensed private tutoring platform in Saudi Arabia, approved by the National e-Learning Center (NELC). AlGooru provides tailored educational support to students, and it's backed by several renowned investors including Constructor Capital, Techstars, Plug & Play, Raz Group, RZM Investment, and prestigious institutions like KAUST, Hub71, and MiSK.

A Fun Fact about AlGooru is that its name derives from "Guru," a Sanskrit word meaning a mentor, guide, expert, or master.

Are you passionate about AlGooru's vision for education and would like to join as a part-time/full-time tutor? Read along!

The Role Highlights 💡

Role Overview:

As a tutor, you will play a pivotal role in our mission to provide top-notch educational support to students. You will be the go-to tutor in your subject matter, offering guidance and support to students seeking to enhance their academic performance. Your dedication and expertise will make a significant impact on our students' learning journeys.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Tutoring Sessions: Be our go-to tutor for online tutoring sessions with students in your subject area
  • Instructional Design: Become part of our learning and development team by participating in educational projects
  • Client Retention: Retain clients and ensure their continued success. We value your commitment to our students' progress
  • Reliable and flexible availability: Dedicate 5 hours a day of availability with 4 hours of teaching per day as agreed upon in your schedule. Consistency and reliability are essential in this role
  • Team Collaboration: Be an integral new part of our team by helping us understand how to enhance the sessions and apply our new methods by contributing to their creation



  • Capable of committing at least 25 hours per week, according to the agreed upon shift
  • Possession of a relevant university degree, providing a strong academic foundation and subject expertise
  • Proven experience in teaching Qudrat/GAT/Tahsili/SAAT (English and Arabic versions of the both examinations)
  • Able to teach both the Quantitative and Verbal sections of the examinations with a focus on the Quantitative section
  • Has access to a variety of resources and material associated with the examinations
  • Proficiency in instructing students across all grade levels within your specific subject area
  • Extensive knowledge of both examinations, including familiarity with their protocols, formats, dates, and scoring systems, along with a commitment to staying abreast of their latest updates and trends
  • Demonstrated expertise in instructional design and curriculum development, showcasing a proven ability to create engaging and effective learning materials tailored to diverse student needs across various grade levels
  • Punctuality and reliability in meeting scheduled tutoring sessions
  • Familiar with Google Workspace and its functionalities
  • Familiarity with educational technology tools and a willingness to integrate them into the tutoring sessions to enhance the learning experience
  • Awareness and respect for cultural diversity, ensuring an inclusive and culturally sensitive learning environment
  • A stable and reliable internet connection is a must
  • Proficiency in English is a must


  • Opportunities for professional growth and advancement
  • Gamified rewarding system
  • Possibility of switching to a full-time role with lump bonuses
  • A supportive team environment that values your contributions