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Franchise Owner and Investor



United States
Posted on Sunday, July 7, 2024

Company Description

Neurobotx is a leading company for mobility simulation, backed by Boeing. The company has developed Metapilot, a neuromorphic XR launchpad for airtaxis, drones, EVs, and future mobility. Neurobotx brings together a team with expertise in various fields including air mobility, automotive technology, and regulatory compliance. With a growing fleet of mobility airtaxis and opportunities for ownership in real airtaxi companies, Neurobotx is at the forefront of innovation in the transportation industry.

Role Description

This is a part-time remote role as a Metapilot Franchise Owner and Investor, equity based initially. It requires a min investment, for which a portion of the profits of each VR store will be received on a quarterly basis. Following the success of its Cyberpunk Gallery, neurobotx is opening a franchising opportunity to members interested in becoming tech business owners. With an initial investment as small as $50k, Metapilot Gallery Owners and Investors get to own a part of the profits made by each new Cybergallery, with almost no startup costs, or need to manage rentals, operations, logistics or hiring. Top performing gallery owners can begin to create their own chain and hire a custom team, following neurobotx guidelines.

Key Benefits:

  • Initial Investment: Starting as low as $50k
  • Profit Sharing: Earn a share of the profits from each new Cybergallery
  • Low Startup Costs: No need to manage rentals, operations, logistics, or hiring
  • Scalability: Top-performing owners can expand their chain and hire custom teams following Neurobotx guidelines


  • Minimum investment capability of $50k
  • Passion for technology, VR, and future mobility
  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen
  • Ability to work remotely and manage time effectively
  • Interest in owning and growing a tech franchise


  • Invest in and manage Metapilot VR stores
  • Monitor and report on store performance
  • Collaborate with Neurobotx to ensure adherence to brand and operational standards
  • Expand franchise operations as opportunities arise
  • Engage with potential customers and promote the Cybergallery experience